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Matt McClard

Man, I am glad good ole September is coming around too. It's starting too cool down and the State Fair is just around the corner. I am ready to get outside with the kids again with out going into heatstroke.

Glad "B" had a good trip. Need to get the kids together in the backyard soon!

Pit Dad

B and I challenge the McClard's to a fried-eat off at the Fair.

Winner gets Astro-Boys autograph.


hank wants in! we are heading to give him his first taste of a fletcher's corny dog tomorrow!!

Pit Dad

We can make that happen! Hank vs. Hayden vs. B vs. Lucy. Winner gets the giant 6ft stuffed gorilla, or Astro-Boy's autograph.

Maybe the weekend after the Fighting Baptists vs. Jayhawkers showdown?

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